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Compound of
2 Cubes

16 vertices

36 faces
12 rectangular-
triangles (12 ritr.)
24 recangular
triangles (12 rtr.)

paper strips
each divided
into 2 parts

12 ritr.
24 rtr.

pattern    paper strip I, paper strip II,
each 3663 x 1652 pix, 268 kb
as pdf-files: st1.pdf, st2.pdf
mark backside of the paper strips with bI/II,i1I/II,a1I/II,...,a9I/II,eI/II
square diagonals: valley folding, paper strips: alternative mountain-/valley folding
plaiting scheme:
I↑↑ i7 II↑↑ i3 II↓↑ i8 I↑↑ i1 II ↑↑ i6 II ↓↑ i2 I↑↑ i4 II↑↑ i9 II↓↑ i5 I
II↑↑ i1 I↑↑ i6 I↓↑ i8 II↑↑ i4 I ↑↑ i9 I ↓↑ i2 II↑↑ i7 I↑↑ i3 I↓↑ i5 II
start with a2I↑↑i3II, a8II↑↑i3I, a3II↑↓i8II, a2II↑↑i6I, a6I↑↓i2I, a7II↑↑i7I, a7I↑↑i4II, a3I↑↓i8I, ...
plaiting page