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12 vertices

18 edges

8 sides
2 hexagons (2 he.)
6 squares (6 sq.)

2 pairs of
paper strips

  6 x 1/3 he.
11 x 1/2 sq.
  2 x 1/4 sq.

pattern download 2893 x 1896 pix, 162 kB: p62.gif
plaiting scheme:
I↑↑ i7 II↑↑ i3 II↓↑ i8 I↑↑ i1 II ↑↑ i6 II ↓↑ i2 I↑↑ i4 II↑↑ i9 II↓↑ i5 I
II↑↑ i1 I↑↑ i6 I↓↑ i8 II↑↑ i4 I ↑↑ i9 I ↓↑ i2 II↑↑ i7 I↑↑ i3 I↓↑ i5 II

modified hexagonal prism

2 pairs of
paper strips

36 x 1/2 sq.

pattern download
2631 x 879 pix, 283 kB, st2.jpg

red lines: fold as mountain
plaiting scheme see above, start with:
a2I↑↑i3II, a8II↑↑i3I, a3II↑↓i8II, a2II↑↑i6I, a6I↑↓i2I, a7II↑↑i7I, a7I↑↑i4II, a3I↑↓i8I, ...
the strip quadrangles for the hexagonal prism above were replaced by squares ("wrapping")

paper strips

4 x 1/3 he.
6 x 1/2 sq.
1 sq.

pattern download, 2729 x 1701 pix, 116 kb, st3.gif
plaiting scheme:
I↓↑ i3 III↑↑ i4 III ↓↑ i1 III↑↑ i2 III
II↓↑ i3 I↑↑ i4 I ↓↑ i1 I↑↑ i2 I
III↓↑ i3 II↑↑ i4 II ↓↑ i1 II↑↑ i2 II
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